Pompeii, the last mysteries revealed


A documentary that also deals with volcanic risk of the Vesuvius area

 We will follow live the archaeologists of Pompeii on the last excavation field. This zone was the privileged place of holiday of the Pompeii’s Roman patricians who built magnificent residences here. Among these luxurious villas, the House of the Library, discovered at the end of the XIXth century, is far from having delivered its secrets. It is one of the five residences of the majestic complex of urban villas of the Insula Occidentalis. The promise is great to be able to discover the daily life of the rich Romans just before the volcanic eruption of Vesuvius.

The Shooting of the documentary will take place on May 2022 in Pompeii with the presence of professor Claudio Scarpati.

The main points of the volcanological discussion:

  • What preceded the eruption (earthquakes, animals that react, water sources,…)
  • What are the different phases of the eruption of Vesuvius? Can we see the different stages through the different layers?
  • Did the description of Pline the Younger and that of Dion Cassius help you to establish the chronology of the drama?
  • How long did the eruption? Did the Pompeians have time to escape??