Hackathon 2021: IEEE Intelligent transportation systems snap4city

L’IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Snap4City Hackathon è un hackathon sui temi dei sistemi di trasporto intelligenti per Smart City e IOT. 

Snap4City and IEEE ITSS – Italian Chapter, have decided to launch two hackathon challenges as concrete tools to develop solutions to have a positive impact on the lives of citizens and the environment.

The challenges are:

Challenge A) Requires the use of Snap4City technology for the development of ITS urban mobility solutions. To this end, participants can use: an IOT App with multiple flows, one or more dashboards, and at most a data analysis process in Python or RStudio, using MicroServices, Smart City API, IOT technology, FIWARE solutions.

Challenge B) Developing solutions that use the tools and data of the Snap4City platform to provide a design idea without actually implementing the solution or providing a model, but only a demo dashboard with the available data (using it to simulate any missing data data).