The University of Naples Federico II promotes the Third Mission in synergy with Research and Teaching, three pillars of a very solid cultural project of co-creation of knowledge. The ethical values, social growth and civil development that Federico II University can express, represent the creation of value for and with the community.

The University of Naples Federico II operates as a engaged university, providing entrepreneurial, social, educational and cultural services, through the enhancement and transfer of knowledge to achieve an ecological, digital and development transition.

The Third Mission (as a service for the society) takes the form of an open process of exchange and collaboration with communities and the territory to:

  • Ignite cultural sparks related to the vocations of the territory.
  • Respond to the needs of the community in the cultural, social and economic scope.
  • Strengthen proximity to the social and entrepreneurial fabric.
  • Contribute to the processes of value co-creation, developing ideas that achieve mutual benefits for the community, from research to business and society.

how do we carry it out?