America’s DataHub Challenge

Data Dashboards, Data Security & Privacy, Novel Analytical Techniques, Data Linking & Access.

Align With The Federal Statistical System

Join the first ever innovation acceleration challenge for America’s DataHub Consortium (ADC), representing the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics (NCSES) – the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) statistical agency and one of 13 statistical agencies across the Federal government. These statistical agencies collect, analyze, and distribute data on myriad topics, including: technology, innovation, energy, health, employment, crime, and more.

This Challenge seeks the tools of new data integration and distribution solutions, data linking, as well as data security and privacy innovation, in order to more effectively use information to solve some of our toughest challenges.

Pitch your technologies and solutions, and connect with representatives from relevant government agencies, ADC representatives and members, as well as leading corporate and investment partners for a chance to earn prize money. We will invite qualified participants to begin other arrangement (OA) conversations with the goal of deploying robust and effective technologies across various evidence-building challenges.

Deadline June 30.