The growth of MegaRide continues

The Federico II spin-off company expands and completes its offer of proprietary solutions for the tire and automotive industries. Wriggle Solutions technologies will fuel new development trends, with a view to the onboard implementation of physical algorithms useful for the diffusion of smart and autonomous vehicles.

Hackathon 2021: IEEE Intelligent transportation systems snap4city

The IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Snap4City Hackathon is a hackathon on the topics of intelligent transportation systems for Smart City and IOT.
Snap4City and IEEE ITSS – Italian Chapter, have decided to launch two hackathon challenges as concrete tools to develop solutions to have a positive impact on the lives of citizens and the environment.

The feast of the tree

As in previous editions, the event aims to celebrate the importance of trees for environmental sustainability, raise awareness among the population to the protection of greenery and promote the increase of the city’s tree heritage through the planting of new trees species in urban spaces.

At the PUP first seminary in prison with students and prisoners

The PUP program, abruptly interrupted by the pandemic, provides for a series of seminar meetings with free and inmates students, on various topics related to the eight degree courses currently active at the PUP, relating to the seven Departments involved: Agriculture, Architecture, Pharmacy, Law , Economics and Statistics, Political Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities Studies.